Video 1. This is an introduction to easytest for your information.

    video 2. this is an explanation of how the course works and how to get the most out of it.

    Video 3. gives a simple comparison between how water and electricity behave

    Video 4 gives a brief overview of Ohms Law and how it works

    Video 6 is the introduction to the elements which must be taught for the course. it is essential watching preferably using the check list as a reference

    Video 7 is the introduction to how to identify classes of electrical appliances. this is one area which gives students problems, but if you follow the rules you should be identifying them like a pro.

    Video 8 is a simple animated picture of a basic electrical circuit. it attempts to show in a simplified form how electricity works in a circuit and introduces you to one of the two methods of testing.

    Video 9 is element 2 part A. The element was too long to upload, so I had to cut it into two separate lessons. This is by far the longest lesson and contains the most information. do not try to absorb it all in one sitting.

    Video 9A is the second part of element 2

    Video 10 is the OH&S presentation.

    video 11 is an explanation of the meanings of “continuity”

    Video 12 tries to explain how the test are done and what the different tests mean.

    Video 13 introduces the most important test in the course, the physical inspection. you will see the importance of this test and why it must be done religiously.

    Video 14 shows the method of reading the displays on our equipment and the logic behind how our testers work.It is different to any other testers on the market.

    Video 15 demonstrates how to test the easiest of all appliances, the extension leads.

    Video 15 introduces you to the class 2 appliance test.

    Video 16 introduces you to the class 1 appliance test.

    Video 17 is the first of two parts of the video on how to recognise and test RCDs

    Video 18 is the second part of testing RCDs

    Video 19 shows how to test power supplies, transformers etc.

    Video 20 sets out what i will expect you to do for the practical presentation for your assessment. do not wast your time and mine until you are confident you are able to correctly demonstrate 2 appliances of each class, plus extension leads and a power board.

    Video 21 is the last of the 3 elements. it covers the documentation requirements after the testing is done.

    Videos 22 and 23 are a revision of all of the work we have done and should be watched before the practical or theory assessment.