Letting you know that the major shareholders of easytest have retired and thus easytest is in the process of closing down.

    Our friendly manufactures (David and Simon) have been authorised to sell off existing stock.


    David and Simon have been associated with easytest for the past 14 years (since 2008).  easytest has authorised them to continue to service/repair/Conformance Check (calibration) easytest equipment and to sell easytest branded testers until all existing stock has run out.  David and Simon have been trading since 23 January 1998, offering electronic design and assembly services.  If you have any concerns regarding this, please feel free to contact them via the details listed below.


    David and Simon will be honouring all existing manufacturer’s 12-month warranties for easytest testers (as the OEM – original equipment manufacturer) and will continue to provide ongoing service/repair and Conformance Checking (calibration) services into the future.  As the units are built here in South Australia, if there ever was to be an issue with your unit, then repairs are easily and cost effectively done by the manufacturers, giving you peace of mind with ongoing technical support.


    To purchase units,

    • Please refer to the products pages and please feel free to contact the manufacturers if you have any questions regarding training or testing and tagging equipment.
    • Or refer to our ebay advertisements
      • TRADIE Kit – follow this link to eBay
      • miniPAT Kit – follow this link to eBay
      • MEGA Kit – follow this link to eBay


    For Test and Tag training information, please refer to the Training page.


    Previous students can access the training videos via the Log In page.


    For sales and training enquires please contact us