Electrical Safety Testing in the Workplace – why should you be doing it?

    Because all workplaces are required to. It’s as simple as that. The OHS&W Regulations require all portable appliances and RCDs (safety switches) to be tested regularly.

    How can workplaces best manage electrical safety testing to ensure compliance with the Regulations?

    • compliance does not have to be an expensive, difficult chore
    • the best way is to buy good, easy to use electrical safety testing apparatus and do it yourself
    • DIY is much cheaper than having someone do it for you
    • DIY is more reliable than having someone do it for you because you keep the records yourself and manage the test intervals and the movement of electrical appliances in your workplace
    • electrical safety test records can easily be created and managed by anyone with reasonable knowledge of Microsoft Excel
    • the electrical safety testing Regulations only require a ‘Competent Person’ to do the testing
    • easytest conducts short training courses which will teach competence. No specialised electrical or technical knowledge is required
    • the SafeWork or Workcover departments in each state will provide workplaces with information on the Regulations and record keeping requirements

    *All testing must include a thorough physical and visual inspection for mechanical damage.

    The legal requirement of the OHS&W regulations 1995 is that all persons performing electrical safety testing are competent and trained in the use of the equipment. Clause 2:5:7 and the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760, requires the Manager or Supervisor to be responsible for ensuring competence.

    easytest electrical safety testing appliances are designed to test to this Standard. No liability will be accepted if the equipment is used for any other purpose than it is designed for, or by use by non-competent persons as defined in the Standard. If any part of the instructions are not clear, or fully understood, please contact us before proceeding.

    easytest Pty Ltd endorses and recommends training and instruction to become competent in performing electrical testing.

    The links below are to assist you to access information regarding the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760 and electrical safety in the workplace.

    Electrical Safety in the Workplace (Click on Major Hazards and then Electrical Safety.) Technical Guidelines for Workplace Electrical Safety (Workcover Corporation) SA Department of Workplace Services

    Workcover & OH&S Websites: SA VIC WA ACT NSW QLD TAS NZ