This is the introduction to the Fit plugs and Sockets training course

    this is the first video in the unit of competence UEENEEPO24A Fit plugs and sockets to electrical equipment for connection to single phase 230V supply

    the second video on stripping sables

    this video gives a very simple explanation to Ohm’s Law. this is the law which governs how electricity behaves in a circuit and is probably the simplest equasion in electrical theory

    in electrical circuits we use a lot of multiples. we talk in Kilo Ohms, milliVolts etc. this tries to make you familiar with some of the common terms

    the way we draw an electrical circuit is essential when you want to communicate to someone anything to do with electricity. This Video tries to explain how this is done

    The second video on the electrical circuit

    All electrical circuits connected to the mains have protection of some sort. In this section you are introduced to some of the different types and how they work.

    almost all appliances connected to the mains use a lead of some sort. There are pitfalls and dangers When using an extension lead. this video tries to explain what they are and how to avoid them.

    the second video on leads

    one of the most common jobs you will be doing will be fitting a plug or socket to a lead. the following videos try to explain and demonstrate a method of safely doing this.

    Now you have the basics of fitting a plug to a lead, it is time to go on and learn how to fit a new lead to an appliance.

    now we can fit a simple lead let’s try something harder. In this section we introduce you to simple soldering.

    once you have repaired the lead or appliance it is time to test it to see if it is safe to use.