About easytest Equipment & Training

    easytest Pty Ltd is a wholly owned South Australian business which is dedicated to creating clever pieces of electrical testing safety  apparatus that are task specific and easy to use so that workplaces can perform and manage their own electrical safety testing of their electrical appliances and RCDs to meet the requirements of  AS/NZS3760.

    • easytest has been operating since 2001
    • all the products are made in South Australia
    • all the products are locally designed and patented
    • all the components are locally sourced from Australian businesses
    • all our products are covered by a 12 month warranty
    • easytest also offers Nationally Accredited  test and tag on-line training

    easytest offers a Nationally Accredited Online Test and Tag Course

    If you are an existing student, click here to access the training videos and enter your password when prompted.

    easytest has run many in class training sessions and attended many different classes run by other companies. We firmly believe the online training course is superior because:

    • Every lesson has been edited to be the best presentation possible and it is the same every time. We know that every student learns at a different rate and you are all time poor, so the lessons are broken into small bite size chunks averaging about 10 minutes each. All lessons that can be reviewed as many time as needed for as long as needed, even after graduation.
    • Every demonstration is right there in front of the student. No one is missing out at the back of the class.
    • A classroom moves at the speed of the slowest students.  Online there is only one person in the class and they move at their own speed and no one is left behind.
    • If a section is not understood or the student “pops out” during a class session that section is lost and cannot be revised. Using the online method the student can revise the lesson as many times as necessary.
    • In a classroom the only record of the lesson is the memory and perhaps a workbook with some notes. Online they have the entire lessons available for revision for as long or as often as necessary.
    • The course is available anywhere in Australasia, not just major metropolitan centres. There are no travel or parking fees.
    • The facilitator is always available to past students to answer questions. This is not normally available from a classroom. read more

    100% Australian Made & Supportedeasytest test and tag Portable Appliance Testers

    • ‘plug and play’ there are no menus or pre-programming
    • quick and easy to use
    • durable and affordable
    • under the new Work Place Health & Safety regulations it is mandatory for every workplace to conduct testing and tagging of electrical equipment

    Watch our demonstration videos at https://easytest.com.au/videos

    Need more information? : info@easytest.com.au or phone 0457 937 729

    easytest Awards

    Award for Excellence 2008 (Small Business Category) Electronics Industry Association (SA)